Photo: copyright by Benny Trapp
Photo: copyright by Benny Trapp



While dancing the World,

all limits,

all shapes vanish.

I surrender my form

to the Other Worlds.

Flying with Sounds and Movements,

touching and clearing,

as it has always been.





Greetings, World-wanderer, and welcome to my virtual world!

I am Mara Ohm, known as a Shaman and advisor for over 20 years. I support people and other beings along their wonderous path of unfoldment--with dance, trance, sound and song, with deep empathy and lots of heart.

Recognizing your free will, your experience, your responsibility, and your innate capacity to heal yourself, is my biggest concern. Find your own completely unique way toward self-empowerment; learn to walk with awareness and responsibility to yourself.

It is a joy to offer you my abilities, to support you and accompany you as you unfold into unimagined growth. Transform everything that still hinders you to live and be what you have always been, with the guidance of shamanic ways of healing and growth - learn to remember yourself!
I invite you to browse through these pages, and find something--discover or rediscover, it`s all the same. Perhaps an old, deep memory will awake, a longing for what you have long known; or perhaps only now, in this moment, it is emerging into your awareness from the depths of your awakened soul.
Should you feel a response beating in your heart, feel free to contact me. You can find out everything that we can do for you in a personal visit or phone conversation.

I look forward to you!