Mara Ohm


Already as a young child, i could see that there was one thing in particular that most people need when they are sad, angry, or disappointed: a loving hug! I asked myself why no one around me seemed to want to admit why we fight, manipulate, dominate each other. Why was there so much war and suffering in the world?

And I remember experiencing early on the astounding realization that I was different; I didn`t seem to belong to this dynamic. I didn`t understand or agree with what others considered important.

As a 9-year old, I began to question the sense of life and death, and busied myself with books like ** "Life After Death" by Alan Segal/"Life After Life" by Raymond Moody ** and "Sinuhe, the Egyptian" by Mika Waltari, author Erich von Däniken and others. I had always felt a deep connection with living beings, plant- and animal spirits, and parallel worlds.

I was full of curiosity and an echoing memory of the spirit world. Regular trips to Brasil, my mother`s homeland, especially nurtured my soul, and provided me with the refuge to be a child of Mother Earth. Even though the years of adolescence and young adulthood filled me with their differently-oriented experiences, I never forgot this inner wisdom.

My vision of a "Holy World" in which people live in peace and abundance with all beings in a loving community, led me to discover my vocation, and follow it: becoming a healer, for myself and for others (more about Healing here).

My ancestors called me to the way of shamanism right at the start of the new millenium. A major ceremony in Siberia provided me with answers, confirmation and initiation through the prophesies of Shamans and the spirits who spoke through them. Since then, there has been no return...
In case you have the impression that everything in my life was already fixed, let me assure you: absolutely not! I have been, and am being constantly tested, in every area of my life. Pausing and questioning can make room for necessary corrections and adjustments. My greatest teacher is always the people who come to me to learn. Anything else would be boring and less believable, right?

And what else have I done in my life?

Above all, I am the loving mother of my 11-year old son. Next to that, my training as a translator and interpretor has given me many years of experience as seminar translator, literary translator, and travel guide--always centering around Shamanism, spirituality and alternative health.

I have had as well part-time jobs in the following fields: factories, car rental agency, office furniture outlet, video rental store, cleaning agencies, promotion, child-care with face-painting and puppet theaters, in music sales, long-term position at a record label, music studio, publishing assistant, marketing, dancer with the puppet Theater PanTao, seller at organic and Christmas markets...
In order to stay on this path, sacrifice has sometimes been necessary.


Languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French


Already my first spiritual teacher, in a Reiki healing circle in Hamburg in the mid-1990`s, prophesied that I `might be even a great Shaman`... Outwardly, I laughed; innerly however, I was afraid, and felt anger and resistance. I was able to avoid it for a few years, but after a decisive experience during an existantial crisis, I had to get on the road and search out my teachers.

Shamanism offers me again and again opportunities to unfold my Self. In my extensive years of training in Siberia, Peru and Germany, as well as through ongoing instruction, I have amassed a diverse array of shamanic and healing techniques and tools. Many of these came to life in Tuva/Siberia, in Burijatia/Siberia, in Peru/the Amazon, and naturally also here in Germany, especially in the elfish land of the Eifel. In countless one-on-one sessions, evening groups, seminars and workshops - and obviously in my own life, whether in fluid ease, or in the challenge of flowing with this dance of life - I have constantly received new perspectives into the workings and being of everything, and I continue to learn with great joy.

Sibirian shamanism differs fundamentally from the work of Peruvian Amazon shamans, and these in their turn differ from Celtic and the Native North American Indian path. Nevertheless, one finds paralells and similar elements throughout (more here). Thus did my own personal style develop through the years of reconnecting people with themselves and with the nature of the spirit world, in order to awaken their own memories. In particular, it is the intention of bringing people to the path of their own mastery that keeps encouraging me to devote myself to this ministry, to share my knowledge and experience.

Endless gratitude goes to my most important teachers for their guidance and support along my path:

Jürgen Lehmacher (Eifel/Germany), Ai Chourek (Tuva/Siberia), Bairma Baldanova (Buryatia/Siberia), Bair Shambalov (Buryatia/Siberia), Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez (Amazonas/Peru), Marlene Soto Ramirez (Amazonas/Peru), Rubens Faria Jr. (Dr. Fritz/Brasilien), Bear Society Europe.

Also to the spiritual teacher/healer Rose Huerter (Germany) and Karma Singh (Great Britain) am I connected in the deepest gratitude and love.


Shamanic Bear Power Massage (Tuva/Siberia)

Amazonian Shamanism (Amazon/Peru)

Ancestors healing, soul retrieving, divination (Buryatia/Siberia)

Celtic Medicine Wheel and Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Rebirthing Breathing Therapy

Powerlight Energetic Healing

Channeling & Spiritual Healing

Shamanic Medium School

and much more



Buryat-mongole Shamanism in Buryatia, Siberia

Tuvinian Shamanism in Tuva, Siberia

Amazonian Shamanism in Peru (Altomando Muraya)

Celtic shamanic ceremonial and healing work

Powerlight Energetic Healing