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Mara Ohm

Practice for shamanic & energetic healing arts

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Bear Power Massage

Process-oriented bodywork

In Siberia, the shamanic way of life has been fiercely protected and preserved, and is fully anchored in daily life. "White" shamans serve as healers. I was able to learn this shamanic bodywork technique firsthand from the Shaman Ai-tchourek ("Moonheart" R.I.P.) at her Shamanic center Tos Deer ("New Heaven") in Kyzil, the capital of Tuva in Siberia. In 2003, Ai-Tchourek initiated me in this work, and assigned to me its transmission in Germany and Europe.


For this process, I establish my connection with the deep healing and inner wisdom of Tuva bear power. Invasive energies are firmly removed with the support of voice and breath.

Over the last ten years I have augmented this powerful shamanic bodywork with my own experience, and today combine it with the wisdom of Peruvian Amazonian shamanism.

A session lasts approximately 2 hours.


Shamanic Massage

Intuitive Full-body massage


This massage uses calming or invigorating oils to effect a deep relaxation conducive for bringing to consciousness hidden feelings and blockages. In our hectic daily life, it can be difficult to process as we experience; this massage makes room for such processing, and thereby offers us a better connection with our physical well-being.

A session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Ancestor's healing

A Shamanic Session


Especially important is the harmonisation and integration of our ancestral linneage. Through this ancient line we can come into contact with those who wandered the Earth before us, and from whom we come. Without them, we would not exist, and in my experience the reconnection with our ancestral line brings us healing, growth and clarity without exception. When we understand the paths and passions of our ancestors, we can come to a better understanding of ourselves, and solve and change old, inherited patterns and behaviors.

In this work, I connect to my, and your, spirit guides, and ask your ancestors for information. I offer my medial abilities to be able to transmit things that want to be out in the open, and to recognize and resolve issues and blockages that upset and even interrupt the ancestral line. Here, of utmost importance to me are the free will and the protection of all beings involved, and to facilitate the happening of only what is ripe for happening.

Working with the ancestors is part of a shamanic session--if necessary, and permitted. The shamanic session lasts 90 to 120 minutes and can, in some cases, require even more time.

Holistic Shamanic Coaching & Integrative Awareness

Conversation-oriented Session

In many cases, the next step along continued growth and healing is a holistic shamanic or spiritual consultation. Also here, I connect to my and your "spirit team" as the pure source of being, in order to serve you with the best counsel in your current situation.

This session can also take place either in my practice, over the phone or online, and can take from 60 to 90 minutes.

Shamanic Chakra- and Aura-Cleansing

Shamanic Cleansing

We sometimes forget how important it is to regularly cleanse our subtle body and energy centers for our well-being, just as we do for our physical body. In shamanism, we mostly use incense of various plants and resins, shamanic perfumes and sounds.  

The session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

My Recommendation

I recommend scheduling a shamanic session, in which I use a combination of my experiences to provide the most effective, personalized treatment for you. A shamanic one-on-one session includes:

- A pre-treatment discussion to decide upon the optimal treatment possibilities
- Drum invocation and appeal to the ancestors and protector- and helping spirits
- Spiritual, specifically shamanic, life coaching
- Feedback discussion to clarify and answer questions
- Post- or between-session tasks


Legal Disclaimer

In my practice, I support the process of being and staying conscious, and the activation of the power of self-healing. Before the session begins, the client is advised that I do not offer medical therapy or treatment, nor do I claim any medical knowledge in the legal sense. In addition, I do not:

- make any diagnoses
- make any promises of healing
- prescribe medication
- make use of any medical equipment
- prohibit the client from visiting a doctor or alternative healer

The session is not intended to replace a medical treatment; in fact, working in cooperation with doctors is mutually important and desired. Treatments in process should not be interrupted or prematurely ended, just as future treatments should not be postponed or missed. This responsibility lies solely with the client. Equally at the client`s discretion is the choice to work, or, as the case may be, to discontinue the work with me; of course, it is also within the client`s free will to approve or disagree with the session or the proposed alternative treatments. The client is advised of what s/he can expect from a session, in particular how the payment is calculated.

Overath, April 2017

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