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Project announcement

It fills me with deep joy that the time has come for a project that has been maturing in me for 20 years.

Since I first set foot on the sacred earth of the Baikal island of Olkhon. It was there that I experienced my first Buriat ceremony for the 13 Gods of the North. Through the local shamans I received answers from Spirit to the question of my roots. Thus, in the coming years, I will embark on a journey that my ancestors once undertook:

from Lake Baikal in Siberia across the Bering Strait to Lake Titicaca (Mama Kota) in Bolivia. The mission given from the spirit world is to marry the beloved Father Baikal and Mother Titicaca in a sacred ceremony.

I have been shown a group of people who feel the calling to accompany me in this.

At different stations we will hold ceremonies with shamans of the respective indigenous people, which will form an energetic guiding line for the marriage of the two bodies of water. The journey will be accompanied by film. In the film I tell the story of my ancestors as it comes through from the spiritual world. And I tell the story of my personal journey in Siberia, Peru, Bolivia and Germany.

You can already follow us on our adventures on our Telegram channel Baikal-Titicaca:


Only today the extent and the purpose of this order is revealed to me. We support the frequency increase of Gaia, our wonderful mother planet, and the beings living on her, which has been taking place faster and faster for decades. Now I know that I have been prepared for twenty years to be able to grow into this task. At the end of July 2023 I will travel with my assistant and student Clara Helmes to this year's shaman meeting on the Siberian Baikal island Olkhon and to the Buryat capital Ulan Ude to prepare the project.

There, in 2024, the expedition and filming should begin with a growing group of supporters. Then we will travel intermittently and over a longer period of time towards Chukotka/Bering Strait to other destinations all along the way from Alaska, Canada, North America, Central America (especially Mexico) to Moon Island on Lake Titicaca (Bolivia) and to other places in the Andes highlands (Tiawanaku/Pumapunku, Amaru Muru, etc.).

I am aware that this is an ambitious undertaking - but only if it is the ego that is trying to achieve something much greater than it is capable of encompassing. If we remain guided and in touch with the pure soul within us, in connection and communion, then we can strengthen the bond between men and women, Mother Earth and Father Sun, East and West, North and South, and support the frequency raising of Gaia and humanity into a new age, a new plane of existence. Just as my ancestors once found their fulfilment, their new home, at Lake Titicaca.

Perhaps you are one of the readers who feel the calling to be part of this energy journey. Maybe as a supporter on site as part of a worldwide network, with know-how and expertise in an area essential for such a project, as a spiritual world wanderer or with energetic and also financial support.

With us on our travels or also from home, we are looking forward to you!


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The story



Results of the preparatory trip July/August 2023

State of affairs at the end of August 2023 - After the trip is before the trip


Organization of a large ceremony for the project in July 2024 on the Baikal island of Olkhon with international participation

Broad support in Siberia:

- Participation of the shamans of Aginsky confirmed by my teacher Bairma Baldanova


- Participation of the shamans of Ulan-Ude under Budazhab Shiretorov Purboevich confirmed


- Participation of the shamans of Ivolginsky under Oksana Viktorovna Garmaeva confirmed


- Participation of Mongolian shamans under Bayarmaa accepted


- Invitation of representatives of all shamans of Siberia by Budazhab Shiretorov Purboevich at a big trans-Siberian conference in November 2023 in Irkutsk.


Initiated planning of a three-week tour group to Lake Baikal and through Buryatia, including participation in the great shamanic ceremony on Olkhon and other shamanic ceremonies. Period July/August 2024.


Trip to Buryatia (Lake Baikal), Siberia in preparation for the project July/August 2023

Since August 23rd, 2023 I am now back from my preparation trip from Buryatia, my suitcase full of experiences, information and new tasks. I have found many new friends and also let old ones go, because the resonance is no longer right.


For example, one of the most important organizations of Buryat shamans from Ulan-Ude (capital of the autonomous republic of Buryatia), which had its birth twenty years ago, will not participate in the project at this time.

Almost all of the shamans of that time are no longer members of this organization and follow their own paths.

There is also no cooperation of this organization with the (then sister) organization of my teacher Bairma Baldanova from Aginsky located further east.


The Great Ceremony for the Welfare of the People (Tailgan) on August 5, 2023 on the Baikal island of Olkhon was one of the main goals of this trip. It seemed to me like an empty shell, a prayed down program for the numerous attending Russian tourists.

I was not part of the ceremony, but had been asked to present my own Trance Healing performance following the ceremony.

Just as I had always done on all my previous visits to the island. And those trance rituals were, to this day, the most magical and powerful rituals I have been privileged to give in my life.

But this time the power was missing, I could not feel it myself, even though the audience was enthusiastic and the work was nevertheless successful and valuable for the people present. I show a few pictures of it below.


It was up to me to recognize and let go of my expectations during the first week before the island visit and the first days on the island.

Dancing between disappointment and recognition. Disappointed expectations and letting go of a believed 'friendship' on the one hand, recognition of the free will of each person on the other. In any case, these first days brought certainty.

And the good spirits were always with us.

We also met good people and found new friends among the young shamans in this organization and  they are our future.


I have also been able to get in touch with my teacher Bairma Baldanova from Aginsky. Even though we missed her big ceremony with 48 shamans from all over Buryatia and the Irkutsk region on Olkhon this year, our experiences were certainly important and right. We got to spend a day with her and thanks to Telegram and translation AI we are now connected and I get to keep learning, more on that later.


On Olkhon we extended our stay for a few days to relax and recharge the energy of this incredibly magical island and Father Baikal.

We met five Mongolian shamans who spend the summer on Olkhon and we exchanged ideas.

After the ice was broken, I found the open hearts and warm friendship I knew from before.

First, they did not want to recognize my belonging to the Buryat shamans because I was European. It was not legal that I had been initiated in 2008. Only after I could explain with a lot of back and forth over three cell phones and translation apps how it had come to this, they became more curious.

Faster then I could realize, I had a Mongolian drum in my hand and was supposed to demonstrate my trance abilities.

It appears that my performance was credible, from then on we were cordially invited for tea and exchange. We had a lot of fun together and I hope for cooperation in the coming year. We received an invitation from the shaman Bayarmaa Shagdar and her son Selem Zorigt to camp in their backyard on Olkhon next year, and learn and to collaborate and also to travel to Mongolia.

But this is only one of the options that have opened up for next year.


Afterwards we took the Transsib back to Ulan-Ude, where we rented a small apartment through my friend Radjana Dugar-DePonte.

Through her we also got in touch with Tuyana Shoinenova, a shaman, who first wanted to rent us an apartment and then was eager to meet me. It turned out that she is a student and member of the shamanic organization of Budazhab Shiretorov Purboevich. He is one of the shamans I can count among my friends from the past.

We finally found in Ulan-Ude the connection and the support for our project.

Right at our first meeting with Tuyana Shoinenova and Budazhab Shiretorov we found great interest for the project. We talked about it for a long time and how we can approach to take the first steps.

Budazhab agreed to do an information ceremony with us.

We also talked a lot about the political differences of the individual shamanic organizations and the division that had taken place everywhere. Our goal, we agreed, is to unite and bring together. Namely, all those shamans of Buryatia and worldwide, especially of the ethnic groups that lie on the route of my ancestors, who are willing to do so and want to support the project.

We arranged another meeting.


But first we met my teacher Bairma Baldanova. One of her students and her daughter-in-law picked us up at noon and we drove to a suburb of Ulan-Ude. There, a little hidden on the edge of the forest, she has a beautiful little center where she comes regularly from Aginsky and works with her students and clients.

Although she works a lot, she took time for us and we were able to present the project with a young translator.

At one of the family ceremonies she held that day, I was allowed to go to the ancestral spirit she incorporated, Buha Babaay, to get answers and instructions on the first steps of the project.

He was very pleased and gave detailed information.

In the coming summer of 2024, a great ceremony is to take place on Olkhon as the first act of the great mission. It should be at the end of July and unite as many regional and supraregional, as well as international shamans, especially of the peoples living on the route Baikal - Titicaca.

How this will look exactly, we will start to plan now.

In the evening after this meeting, we were pleased and in good spirits that the efforts for the project would finally bear fruit.


At our second meeting with Budazhab Shiretorov we were surprised by the speed with which the stones, which we had gently pushed, now started to roll. He told us about the current activities of different shamanic organizations, all aiming to establish associations and to bundle the power of the shamans in Buryatia. There are also efforts to unite the shamans of all Siberian nations. In November the next conference with representatives of all Siberian countries will take place in Irkutsk. There Budazhab will present the Baikal - Titicaca project and invite the shamans to the great ceremony on Olkhon in 2024.

During our meeting Budazhab made a phone call to another shaman of the Ivolginsky Association. Oksana Viktorovna Garmaeva is in charge of the current creation of a Buryat shamanic umbrella organization. She came to the meeting immediately with a friend and we got along very well right away. She is also behind the project and will be there with her shamans.

To my great joy, she invited us to go to the shore of Lake Baikal again the next day, which was the last day of our trip. We arranged to meet the next morning and spent some wonderful hours on the eastern shore of the lake. So we could say goodbye to Father Baikal once again with a small ceremony for peace and for the unification of all shamans. And we got to know even more friendly shamans who support us.


In January 2024, the Mongolian lunar calendar will be published, according to which all shamanic ceremonies will be planned and performed. When planning the ceremonies next year, our joint ceremony for the project shall be taken into account and the date set for the end of July 2024.

Also, I am invited to participate in the annual great midsummer ceremony of Mongolian and Buryat shamans in Mongolia next year.


Both Bairma Baldanova and Budazhab Shiretorov support me and the project. I very much wish that they can come together and find a date for the big ceremony in July 2024.


My task is now to invite as many international shamans as possible who belong to the peoples on the route.

For this I will approach all my contacts in Alaska, USA, South America and hope for further contacts, especially in Canada and Central America.

The challenge will certainly be to reconcile everyone's schedules and possibly start crowdfunding to cover travel expenses for those shamans who cannot afford the trip themselves.

In all areas of the project, such as project management, PR, finance/crowdfunding, film making, research (e.g. topic water, environment, shamanic cultures on the route, migration history, and much more) we would welcome any support, because the project shall be a community project and we want to unite like-minded people who want to join us in bringing a small big piece of the world (from Northeast to Southwest) closer together.


We open the energy line from Baikal to Titicaca and with the connection of all our energies we increase the frequency that may flow in this trajectory. The power of all the descendants of the ancestors of South America may flow into the world, united in this line of energy, and thus contribute to peace and the creation of a more joyful world.



I feel very humbled that I was allowed to make such a wonderful journey in these times and may continue to do so in the future, if the spiritual world and we are willing.


August 2023 - Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal/Buryatia, Siberia