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Primal Sound - the voice of your soul



Emerging into the primal sound of the drum, heart beat of Mother Earth...

The rhythm itself is drumming you as you take to your journey.

Dying away, emerging and dying again, the rhythm teaches us to experience the cycles of our being and to draw strength from it for your daily life. All is vibration, all is sound. We are vibration, we are sound, shining and clear in our origin.



 Across time we have oftentimes forgot our own sound. Our voice, that is an expression of our divinity and vibrant connection to all resonating fields around us, wants to resound. Our soul wants to remind us of our own melody, united with the cosmos, being one with All-that-is.


Drum journey (shamanic trance journey), trance drumming, voice & breath, chanting, body exercises, power circle


The World of the Ancestors




The harmonization and integration of our ancestoral lines is of particular importance. This weekend we can get into contact with all those who dwelled on earth before us and from which we descend. Without them we would not exist. In my experience, the reconnection to our ancestoral lines brings us healing, growth and clarity into our lifes.



 As we come to a better understanding of the sufferings of our ancestors, we can also come to a better understanding of ourselevs and old "inherited" patterns and behaviours can be dissolved and changed.

And there are also our enlightened ancestors and those who - maybe a long time ago - lived in harmony and holiness, the powers of whom are waiting to be discovered.

And maybe we will succeed to reconnect to the original mother and the original father of our ancestral lines.


Drum journey (shamanic trance journey), talking stick round, healing performance, ancestor's fire ritual


Flying and landing




A weekend to get to know shamanic basic techniques.


Most people posess their own sensual gifts. We can learn how to use them with simple techniques and rituals.

This weekend is aimed at people who want to learn more about shamanism as path to growth and healing.



Drum journey (shamanic trance journey), Medicine Wheel, talking stick round, trance dance, energetic cleaning & protection, and much more.


Amazonian Shamanism: Tabaquito - Keeper of the tobacco plant




In many cultures, tobacco is considered a sacred master plant. In the peruvian Amazon, the black original indian tobacco (nicotiana rustica) is used in ceremonies and for healing. It is used as healing plant both spiritually and physically. As smoke for energetic opening, cleaning of the energetic bodies and for house cleaning or as protection. Boiled, soaked in rum or chewed as medicine...its use is extremely varied.


In this workshop we will encounter the Spirit of the tobacco plant 'Tabaquito' and we will learn about the different uses from the peruvian Amazon.



Tobacco ceremony, drum journey (shamanic trance journey), use of the Mapacho plant


Pachamama Dance - earth, my body




The physical body is the vessel of our soul for this human experience on mother earth, of whom our body has emerged.

Manifold are the signs with which it shows us its needs.

This weekend, we dedicate ourselfs to its messages and refuel our energies with the power of Mother Earth.


We start our journey into the depths of our body with a sweat lodge ceremony, listen to the flow of energy and emerge into the wisdom of our own body.



Shamanic trance dance, talking stick rounds, shamanic body work, drum journey & sweat lodge ceremony


Koati - The Moon Island in the Mother Lake




A weekend in connection with one of the most powerful places of female power (Isla de la Luna - Titicaca Lake/Bolivia).

We create our own temple of the pristesses of the Great Godess, come to our sacred space of our female energies.

What does this mean? How can we achieve it without creating new seperation? What are our deepest desires of our hearts for the return of the female spirituality and life art? What is the real female power? And how can we contribute to bring back humanity to an affectionate cooperation?

This seminar is for women and men, who want to strengthen and harmonize their femal cordial sides.



 Drum journey (guided meditation), healing performance, trance dance, dance meditaion (round dance)


Dance of the Goddess




A weekend for stress management, harmonisation and recovering female powers.

Our ancesors already celebrated festivals to honour the Gods and in thies met their own divine aspects, which are represented by them.



Pursuing this tradition, we dedicate this time together to the celebration of the female divinity slumbering inside of us and our female ancestral lines.

By surrendering to our own dance, we take to rooms that are waiting to be discovered.

We know that the female path of stress management and harmonisation differs strongly from the male "fight, flee or freeze" strategy. The female way of dealing with the challenges of life in a beneficial manner is in the ability to connect with each other and to recover energies in the spaces of female sensuality. A great celebration with the divine archetypes of the woman.


Ancestor's fire, drum journey (shamanic trance journey), trance dance, mask building, sensual massage/body work


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