Shamanic Training

Year of Basic Shamanism

Shamanism as a Path to Growth & Healing

New shamanic teachings acknowlege that the shamanic predisposition is in every one of us, waiting to be awoken. Along with a deeper sense of openness and love, the shamanic perspective provides a good base from which we can forge new paths in our growth.
This basic year, consisting of five weekends, offers the chance to aquaint yourself with shamanism as such a base, and to connect with its techniques and healing practices.

By opening and surrendering to what wants to arise from inside ourselves, what wants to come through a particular work and be seen, we find a deeper understanding of ourselves, our nature, our creations and desires in the world. New paths and doors open, bringing new challlenges for a conscienscious approach to life.
The syllabus of the course reflects the needs of each particular group and is formulated from a wide spectrum of shamanic techniques: self-experience, integrative consciousness work, drum journeys (shamanic trance journeys), talking stick rounds, shamanic nature rituals, trance dance, aura cleaning & chakra activation, cleaning of the physical, emotional and the mental bodies, ancestral healing, soul retrieving, and much more.
5 weekends (approx. 108 hours in total)


Formation to holistic shamanic healer & counselor

2 year formation group

The successful completion of the shamanic basic year is required for this intense formation.

10 weekends

2 intensive weeks of five days each


more information forthcoming soon or here...


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