The Marriage of                                   Father Baikal and Mother Titicaca:

Shamanic Journeys & Film Project

Baikal⚭Titicaca - On the Trail of my Ancestors:

A Journey of Love and Peace - Full of Magic & Mysticism!

A journey received directly from the spirit world, from the Swan Mother, the creator goddess of the Buryat people of Siberia.

Discover the secret of an ancient prophecy that leads from Father Baikal to Mama Kota (Titicaca). This fascinating project was born from the highest spiritual inspiration and takes us on a spiritual journey of immeasurable depth.


What to expect:

  • Multiple Shamanic Journeys with Film Project: experience the magic of multiple journeys that unite the energies of two of the most sacred waters in the world.
  • The 'Marriage' of Father Baikal and Mother Titicaca (Mama Kota): Celebrate the union of these two divine water worlds in a sacred ceremony.
  • Shamanic rituals: Join us on a path from Siberia to South America and experience first-hand ceremonies with indigenous shamans along the route.
  • Visit other shamanic power places: Explore and experience the spiritual power of more sacred places along the way.
  • Support the raising of Gaia's frequency: Help to raise the frequencies on our beloved planet Earth and her inhabitants.
  • Community of all beings: Unite with indigenous peoples, male and female, from Northeast to Southwest to harness the power of the ancestors for a new time of peace and community of all beings.

Project start: End of July 2024 on the Baikal island of Olkhon


Wir beginnen unsere Reise auf der Baikalinsel Olchon mit einer großen internationalen Schamanenkonferenz und Zeremonie, begleitet von burjatischen und internationalen Schamanen. Dies ist der Auftakt zu mehreren aufregenden Reisen voller Wunder und spiritueller Erkenntnisse.


Part 1: Siberia - Lake Baikal & Buryatia 2024


  • Join an exclusive three-week group tour that takes you to Buryatia/Siberia and experience the world of shamans up close.
  • Take part in the great ceremony on the Baikal island of Olkhon and experience the magic of this sacred site and the shamans for yourself.
  • Experience a week on Olkhon in the picturesque Nikita's Homestead in Khuzhir and explore the beauty of nature on excursions on land and water.
  • Visit the cities of Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and possibly other cities and powerful sites in the surrounding area.
  • Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway on the Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude route and take part in other shamanic ceremonies.
  • Enjoy optional shamanic group ceremonies and individual treatments with the shaman of your choice.

German accompaniment Mara Ohm & Clara Helmes


The unification of the indigenous peoples on the route: The indigenous peoples on the route connect from Siberia to South America, from northeast to southwest, from male to female, to unite their power and the power of their ancestors for a new time of peace and community of all beings.


Interested? Join us and be part of these amazing spiritual journeys.

Contact Clara Helmes or Mara Ohm for more information and to register for the journeys.



Clara Helmes: clara[at], +49 (0)176 78387539

Mara Ohm: info[at], +49 (0)170 3251381


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